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Huw Barrett

Digital designer.
Amateur DIYer.

Hello, my name is Huw Barrett. I'm a digital designer / illustrator based in Cardiff. I work for Cardiff University in the Digital Communications team.


My work at Cardiff University includes designing/developing across many websites, including the Study, News, Media and Intranet sections. I'm currently involved in developing a suite of email newsletter templates to be used across the University.

As well as my work at the University, I design and build websites for other clients. Please feel free to contact me about any projects.

Napoleon's Wife

Responsive website created for Cardiff based artist/designer Joanne Davies, built using Bootstrap V3.

Napoleon's Wife website on various devices

Visit Napoleon's Wife website

The Animal Kingdom

Website created for my illustrations, originaly maintained using an installation of MODx. A new site is currently being designed that is responsive.

The Animal Kingdom website on desktop

Visit The Animal Kingdom website

Huw & Jo

Responsive website created for my wedding, allowing guests to get directions, contribute to the playlist and get general information about the day.

Huw and Jo website on desktop and mobile phone

Visit the Huw & Jo website


Mike beard
Alright lads, what's happening?
Under the sea
Inquistive robot


Old websites! Some of these are even done entirely in flash, and are quite frankly bloody awful! Still, we learn from our mistakes.

  • HuwB (v2) - flash website
  • HuwB (v3) - HTML website, not even a whiff of a swf file!
  • Sumo HQ - flash website, using txt files loaded in for content
  • ZeroZero -flash website for a night I ran with friends in Cardiff


If you want to collaborate on any projects, or are interested in any of my illustrations, please email me at